Ways To Decorate For The Holidays With Scented Jar Candles

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Are you looking for new ideas for holiday decorations? Use scented jar candles to create these fragrant visual accents throughout your home:

Staircase: A lit scented jar candle on each step will provide a soft glow for guests using the stairs. Before positioning the candles, use pinking shears to cut strips of holiday-themed tissue paper, then attach the paper to the jars with double-sided tape. 

Hallway: A group of balsam scented jar candles on a bookcase or shelf will provide light in a dim hallway. For additional effect, prop a mirror behind the candles so that the mirror reflects the light of the candles.  

Mantel: Create a dramatic focal point by covering the entire mantel with scented jar candles of differing heights and shapes. Add dimension by placing them in an asymetrical pattern. When selecting your candles, consider the type of effect you want to create. Similarly colored candles of one scent in varying shades will be more dramatic and sophisticated, while different colored candles with different scents will look and smell more festive. 

Bathroom vanity: For a simple, yet stunning effect, clear everything off your vanity. Select three vanilla scented jar candles whose diameters are smaller than the bottoms of your tall Champagne flutes. Group the glasses closely together, place the them upside down on the vanity, and set one candle atop each flute.

Kitchen: Cover the top of a footed cake stand with pumpkin scented jar candles of mixed sizes. Tie a wide ribbon around the outer circumference so that the jars look as if they're bundled together. If necessary, use double-sided tape hold the ribbon in place. Set the filled cake stand on your kitchen island or counter.

End tables: Create a tabletop top wreath effect with artificial pine garland. Wrap it in a circle large enough to cover your table without going over the sides. Make several layers, so as to add depth, and glue the wreath together with a hot glue gun. When the glue is dry, place the wreath on your table, and set three small pine scented jar candles inside its circle. Fill in the empty spaces within the ring with small unbreakable Christmas tree ornaments. 

Outdoor Walkway: Cinnamon scented jar candles on your porch walkway will welcome your callers with delicate twinkles and a favored holiday scent. Buy extra candles and give them to your guests so they can use them to remind them of the enjoyable visit you shared together. 

Console table: Place three chocolate scented jar candles on a metal tray with high sides. Surround the candles with candies covered in shiny, colorful wrappers. The candle light will play off the wrappers, making the tabletop sparkle with tiny reflections.