How To Design An Adaptable Sun Room

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A sun room is a luxurious addition to your home. As you plan your sun room, keep it versatile in design so that it adapts to your living style. If you want ideas for inspiration, keep reading to learn designs that you can add to your home:

Windows Galore

The whole purpose of a sun room is to bring the outdoors inside, right? Well, the best way to do that is to design your sun room out of mostly windows and doors for the walls. Whether you have a clutch of scalloped bay windows or several sets of French doors, the goal is a high glass-to-wall ratio.

Besides the aesthetic appeal of so many windows, they should contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. Better Homes and Gardens suggests splurging on top-quality sun room windows. Beneficial features include double- and triple-paned glass, high energy efficiency ratings and ultraviolet tints.

Adaptable Decor

With so many windows in your sun room, you're not going to have a lot of wall space to paint. Nonetheless, select a neutral color such as beige or white for your paint job. Likewise, the flooring should be neutral-colored. Creating a neutral backdrop allows you to adapt your sunroom to your living needs.

Select furniture that does double duty. For instance, instead of a full sofa, tuck a love seat into one corner, and install banquet seating in front of the windows. Have the seats designed with a variety of storage options, including recessed chests, shelves and drawers. Instead of a full dining table, scatter accent and cafe tables around. This way, your sun room is ready for everything from a formal party to an intimate gathering to an afternoon spent curled up with a good book.

With your neutral palette and adaptable furniture in place, use décor to add interest. Top the seats with colorful cushions that reflect the season or your design whim of the moment. Add glass bud vases with colorful blooms inside. Alternatively, place an intricately-painted planter in one corner with a dwarf citrus tree for a Mediterranean vibe. Plants, mirrors, lamps, baskets and objets d'art are all ways to give character to your space.

Terrace Top

As you're adding a sun room to your home, don't forget the exterior. Whether your sun room is prefabricated or custom, it needs to blend seamlessly with the outside of your home.

While you're at it, add one more use to your sun room by selecting a flat-roofed addition. This way, you can turn the roof into a terrace. Have a railing installed all the way around, and set it up as an outdoor extension of your indoor living space.

Talk to your local contractors about entry to the terrace. For instance, if your home has a second floor, they'll need to install a door from one of the second-floor rooms. However, even single-story homes can benefit from a second-floor terrace with creative stairs placement.

Increase the value of your home and your daily living needs with an attractive and adaptable sun room. Design the sun room for maximum light exposure, and keep the decor versatile enough to accommodate your whims. Finally, add a rooftop terrace to further increase your living space. To learn more, contact a company like Dura-Kool Aluminum Products with any questions or concerns you might have.