Time to Buy New Blinds? Here Are a Few Tips to Keep in Mind

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When you're decorating, you may think the easiest thing to do is buy matching blinds for all the windows in your home. However, not all blinds are suitable for all types of windows. Here are some things you should consider when you choose the best blinds for each room.

Amount of Light Filtering

Even mini blinds that have the same basic appearance have different capabilities when it comes to light filtering. A lot depends on how closely the slats are placed together and whether there are any spaces along the cords and top rails that allow light to shine through.

If you want to allow in the most light without actually raising or opening the blinds, you should choose light filtering blinds. These would be good in your kitchen or office, where you want plenty of light during the day.

If you want to block as much light as possible, you should choose light blocking or blackout blinds. These are great for your bedroom, so you can block light if you want to sleep during the day. Room darkening blinds block some light, but they don't completely black it all out. These would be good for your living areas as they can protect your furniture and carpet from sun damage. They also block light well enough that you can watch the television or work on your computer without glare.

Ease of Cleaning

You also want to consider how easy it will be to care for your blinds. This may not be too much of a concern if you always keep your windows closed. But if you open your windows often to let in the breeze, your blinds will become coated with dust and dirt from the wind. White mini blinds can be a lot of work to keep clean under these conditions. For open windows, you may want blinds that don't show dirt such as darker wooden blinds. Textured fabric blinds are ideal also, as these don't show dust as readily, and they are easy to clean with a vacuum.

Blinds in the kitchen are a consideration too. If placed over the sink, the blinds may be splashed with water and soap. They could also become coated in a fine layer of grease or cooking oil from the air. You may not be able to see it, but the oil will trap dust and make the blinds appear dirty. Vinyl mini blinds are a popular kitchen choice, because although they are difficult to keep clean, they are inexpensive, so you can replace them when they get dirty.

There are an amazing number of choices when it comes to blinds for your home. While appearance is very important, you also want to consider the amount of privacy they will provide. If you have kids or pets, be sure to think about safety too. Cordless blinds would be a good choice, so you don't have to worry about your kids or pets getting tangled in the cords when they try to look out the window.

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