Learn How To Help Your Loved One Prepare To Move After Losing Their Spouse

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When someone loses their spouse, they often feel as though they no longer need to stay in a large house by themselves. If your mother or father has decided that they would like to move into your home with you, they will need to figure out what they are going to do with the things in their house. The following guide helps you learn how to help your loved one determine what to do with the items in their house before they move in with you.

Divide and Conquer

The first thing that your loved one needs to do is decide where they would like each item to go. There are some antiques that they may want to keep in the family. Some things they may want to sell, some items should be donated, and finally some items can probably be tossed in the garbage. Get colored stickers to use in the home, and designate one color for each of the options your parent has. They can then go through the house with colored stickers and tag items to ensure that things are sent wherever they are supposed to go.

Make Money When Possible

Anything your loved one is willing to sell should be sold in a yard sale. By having a yard sale at the residence, you will not have to move the items very far at all. The money that your loved one gets from the yard sale they can use toward having other items moved wherever they want them to go.

Hire Professionals

Hire professional movers, such as those at Wheaton World Wide Moving, to help you with the process. Moving companies will move items anywhere you tell them to go. You can have the movers go through the home and grab all of the items that are labeled as being donations and have them transport the items to a local thrift store. You can then have them take any items that need to go to your home and to a storage unit. Movers will make more than one trip per day so that everything can get where it needs to go.

Being able to have everything out of the house as soon as possible will allow your loved one to sell their home and live off the money they get from the sale of the home. Being able to move away from the home that they shared with the loved one that they lost will help your mother or father be able to better handle their feelings and move on from the loss.