5 Ways To Keep Your Tires In Good Condition Before A Road Trip

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Traveling by car when the weather starts to heat up this spring or summer can be a fantastic way to see the world, but it does require that you put some effort towards caring for your car. Consider the information below concerning tire care. With this information in mind, your car can run smoothly during the entire road trip and afterwards.

Always Choose the Right Tires for Your Car

It can be tempting to choose some of the most affordable tires for your car, but the problem with this is that the tires may not be the right size or could lead to blowing out sooner than anticipated.

Different sizes and styles of tires are recommended for certain makes and models of cars, so it's important you look into what's best for your car. For example, SUVs require very different tires than a compact hatchback. The right tires will make all the difference while on the road.

Keep an Eye on the Tire Pressure

Poor tire pressure can lead to your car driving unevenly and a possible tire blowout while on the road. Check the pressure before taking off and using breaks on the road as an opportunity to check the air pressure. Most gas stations offer free air, making refilling your tires very simple. You can even keep a small tire pressure testing kit in your car for convenience.

Have Tires Rotated Regularly

The front tires are likely to have a lot of different impact than the back tires, leading to your tires having uneven wear throughout. In order to keep the tires lasting for longer, consider having them rotated on occasion. This will help spread out the wear and ensure that your tires won't need to be replaced as soon due to uneven wear.

Pull Over at the First Sign of Trouble

While you may be trying to make good time while driving, it's important that you don't allow some problems to go unchecked. If you hear any strange noises while on the road or your car seems to be driving unevenly, you should pull over and check the tires for any possible damage.

Avoid Poorly Maintained Roads

Although the less-traveled roads can lead to some of the best destinations while on a road trip, you need to recognize the threat that poorly maintained roads can pose. From lots of hills to potential nails being littered in the road, it's best to stick with maintained roads to prevent tire damage.

Keeping your tires in good shape is an important part of the maintenance involved with traveling by car for a road trip. By knowing how to check your tires and what practices you'll want to use, you can avoid pricey tire replacements and the potential danger that a tire blow-out can cause. Visit a local tire center like Terpstra's Sales Service & Rentals for more information.