3 Reasons Quartz Countertops Are Right For Your Home

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The material you decide to use for the countertops in your home can really make a difference. A lot of countertops tend to fail the test of time, especially in households that are highly trafficked. Yet, there is one option that stands out above the rest in high stress environments, and that is quartz. So, if you are shopping for countertops that are sure to be put to the test look, no further. Here are a few ways quartz can take just about everything you throw at it and then some. 

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Spills -- this word alone has been the bane of many a countertop. Yet, fear not. Quartz is a nonporous material, meaning you can kiss those spill stains goodbye. This makes it a fantastic choice for busy kitchens and even children's bathrooms where spills are likely to occur. Even better is the fact that being nonporous makes it entirely immune to other unpleasantries as well. With quartz, you'll never have any lingering odors that are associated with liquids seeping into your countertops. You'll also have a much more sanitary house, as this also will banish the bacteria and viruses that can lurk in other porous materials. 

Bring On The Heat

Another thing that makes quartz a fantastic choice for any one who enjoys cooking is that it is also heat resistant. This allows you to take a pot or pan off the burner and place it on the countertop directly without fear of causing damage to the countertop itself. Although care should be taken with extreme heat appliances in particular, taking dishes off the stove is a snap since you won't have to leave other pots unattended as you look for a place to put hot cookware. 

Scratch-Free Way To Be

As you might be beginning to notice, quartz is a high endurance material designed for the most rigorous of activity. Whether in your children's bathroom or hard at work in the kitchen, quartz will never almost never scratch or chip. This keeps your quartz countertop looking as beautiful and pristine as the day you end up having it installed. After all, no one really wants to have a dingy, eyesore of a countertop that's all scratched up. 

So, for the discerning homeowner out there you can bet that you'll never be disappointed should you decide to go with quartz. It can handle your worst without appearing any worse off.