Solving Holiday Giving Problems With Novelty Gifts

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The holidays are expensive. By the time you have purchased all your loved ones appropriate gifts and figured out something for your children's teachers and the mail carrier, you are probably tapped out. Then - whoops - you remember you haven't gotten anything for the office secret Santa or your bowling league's grab bag. That's the time you need to turn to gag or cheap novelty gifts.

One Size Fits All

For those less formal gift-giving occasions, novelty items are perfect. They add a little humor to the day, and unless you throw caution to the wind with a container of plastic dog poop for your boss, they work for about anyone with a funny bone. However, if you aren't certain how someone will receive a novelty item, you can choose one that is whimsical yet practical, such as a bicycle-shaped pizza cutter or a "cereal killer" spoon. Even if they do not laugh, they can still use the item or perhaps just regift it. Your bowling league members are probably easier to read, so purchasing a wine glass that contains an entire bottle of the alcoholic beverage will be a hit. If you need a gift for someone who is getting older, an old-age survival kit is always appropriate. If you wish to play it safe, you can buy something serious to go along with the funny item. 


Giving a novelty gift can make the recipient happy, but you will celebrate the affordable price of most of these items. You can go on hundreds if not thousands of online sites or visit your local novelty gift store and find many items for under ten or even five dollars. Despite the low cost, your gift will make an impact at the company or private party.  You will be the hero while protecting the contents of your wallet. Since holiday shoppers in 2014 expected to spend $861 on average during the season, finding a few inexpensive gifts can be a real help. 

Novelty gifts serve several purposes, You can be the "life of the party" while spending very little money. The gift recipient will appreciate a break from the usual tie or scarf, and everyone else will get to enjoy a little levity as well. After spending hours in the stores and online, shoppers needs a little holiday chuckle. So do yourself a favor and stock up on a few novelty gifts this season. They will come in handy.