4 Ways to Update Your Heavy Drapes

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Heavy drapes can provide a luxurious touch to any room. They are often found on large floor to ceiling windows, where the fabric provides insulation and makes a decor statement. Drapery such as these are meant to last for many years, since replacements can be costly. The following tips and ideas can help you refurbish and breathe new life into your existing drapes. 

Tip #1: Freshen Them Up

Dust and loose dirt can leave previously bright fabrics look dull and dirty. This is where your vacuum can help out. The upholstery brush attachment for your vacuum is also perfect for your drapes. Simply vacuum both the exterior and the lining weekly when you are vacuuming the rest of your home.

Tip #2: Schedule a Deep Cleaning

If your drapes still seem a bit drab and stained, or if they have visible dirt that won't vacuum out, an actual deep cleaning is all that will work. Most drapes are made of materials that are dry clean only. Make sure to use a cleaner that works specifically with drapes. They will clean and remove the stains, as well as press the pleats do that the drapes look crisp and hang correctly. Many services will even reinstall the curtain hooks for you afterward.

Tip #3: Try a Relining

The light colored lining inside drapes sometimes yellows or discolors, making the drapery look old fashioned or dingy. Instead of replacing the entire curtain, have the old lining removed and replaced. You can stick with a classic white or cream, or punch it up with a bit of color. There are also specialty linings available that add insulation or help darken the room. Fortunately, many times the lining is sewn in such away as to allow for easy removal and replacement, so the work can be done quickly.

Tip #4: Change the Color

Dying may be a cost saving way to update your drapes. Generally, drapes made of natural materials, like cotton, linen or wool, take dyes well. Some synthetics can also be dyed, but synthetic cotton blends may not take dye evenly. If you opt for dying, have it done professionally. They will make sure the job is done correctly so that the color is even. Professionals will also remove the lining so it doesn't absorb any dye.

If none of these options provide the look you want, it may be time to start shopping for new drapes. If it sounds like replacing them entirely is the best idea, consider looking into local specialists for more info.