Using Drapery Treatments To Make A Room Feel Bigger

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If you have a small room in your home, there are several tricks you can use to make it feel larger than it is in actuality. The colors of your walls, decor you use in the room, and way you tend to windows can all have an impact by giving the illusion of added space. Here are some tips to use with drapery selection and placement to help make your small living space feel larger. 

Pick The Right Color To Increase The Space

When selecting window treatments, it is best to match the color of curtains or draperies to your walls. This will give walls the appearance of added width as there is no contrasting color breaking up the area you are viewing. Using draperies with patterns can make a room feel smaller. If you have dark walls in the room, consider painting them a lighter shade and using light-colored window treatments to match. Lighter colors will make a room feel bigger, especially when paired with natural lighting. Stick with beige, off-white, or pastel shades for a subdued tone that grabs light effectively.

Use The Outdoor View To Your Advantage

If you have large windows, use them to help make your room feel bigger. Rather than covering them up with window treatments, enhance the space of your room by matching the draperies or curtains with the colors seen outside your windows. This will increase the feeling of space as the outdoors will become incorporated into your decorating choices. If you have several trees outside your window, pick hues of green or brown in your window treatment selection. If you have a view of an expansive water source, pick a blue shade for your window treatment.

Know The Correct Placement Of Treatments

When adding draperies or curtains (through an outlet such as, placing them strategically can make your room feel larger. Raise your curtain rods several inches above your windows and pick floor-length coverings. This will draw the eyes both up and down, making the height of the room feel much larger as a result. You can increase the appearance of the width of a room in the same manner. Simply purchase curtain rods several inches longer than the windows you intend on covering. Make sure the draperies you select are long enough to fill in the entire length of these extended rods. This will make your room feel much wider, whether the window treatments are in a closed or opened position.