Awnings Can Do More Than Just Make A Structural Statement

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When you design the outside of your home, it is easy to focus just on what you can do to increase its curb appeal. In this light, awnings might not be the first thing that you would think of. On the other hand, the outside of your home is not about looks only. In fact, the components you choose to add to your home's facade can help to improve your home's performance in a few different ways. 

Energy Efficiency

Much of the heat that your home has to contend with enters through your windows. Even if you have double or triple pane windows, the sun's rays pass through the glass and heat up the interior of your home. The hotter it gets on the inside of your home, the more your AC unit has to run to cool it back down again. Blinds or curtains can help block the sun's rays, but they will also block off your view of the outside world. If you want to prevent your home from heating up without losing your view of the outside world or a source of natural light, awnings can help. They will reduce solar heat gain by up to 77%.

Extending Outdoor Space

A patio can provide a nice space to enjoy the outdoors, but inclement weather can force you back indoors. A good awning can provide you with a safe space to sit when weather would have otherwise chased you back inside. 


There are times when you need an awning and times when you do not. If weather gets really bad, strong winds or heavy loads of snow can cause your awnings to collapse, causing damage not only to the awning, but also to your home. Some awnings are permanent structures, and some awnings can fold or roll away when not in use. If you have many types of weather where you live, retractable awnings are the way to go.

Awnings have changed a lot over the years. You can find awnings that will improve the look of your home as much as they help to protect it. Structural awnings can add style and curb appeal to your home, but even if you don't want a permanent awning as part of the look of your home, you can still benefit from a retractable awning to increase your outdoor space and to help reduce your cooling costs. An awning could be a great addition to nearly any home.