3 Ways Your Water Softener Can Help You Maintain Your Blonde Locks

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It has often been said that blondes have more fun, but only when their blonde locks aren't being affected by water problems at home. If your home relies on water that comes from a well, water quality could present a problem when it comes to maintaining blonde hair.

Installing a quality water softener could solve many of the water quality issues affecting your hair. Here are three ways your water softener could help you keep your blonde hair looking bright and beautiful in the future.

1. A water softener can remove iron.

Sometimes water that comes from a well can contain trace levels of iron. If a qualified lab tests your home's water and determines that it contains trace levels of iron, you run the risk of having this ferrous element add a tinge of red to your blonde locks.

Installing a water softener that is equipped with an iron removal system is a simple way to improve your water quality. A softener with the ability to eliminate dissolved ferrous iron through an ion exchange process as well as the ability to remove precipitated iron through a filtration process will help you protect your blonde hair from discoloration in the future.

2. A water softener can eliminate hard water.

Many people battle hard water in their homes on a daily basis. In fact, hard water (which is characterized by the presence of dissolved minerals like magnesium and manganese) affects more than 85% of the country. Repeatedly washing your hair with hard water can cause it to become dried out and brittle.

Since blonde hair is typically highly processed, the cuticles protecting each hair blonde hair shaft are extremely delicate. The minerals in hard water can damage the cuticle, giving your blonde locks a dull or straw-like appearance. Installing a water softener to filter out harmful minerals can be a simple way to restore your blonde hair to a more healthy state. 

3. A water softener can help balance your hair's pH.

The pH level of the water you use to wash your hair on a daily basis can significantly affect the overall appearance of your styled locks. Since many women rely on bleach or other lightening agents to achieve their blonde hair, the pH of a blonde's hair can be disrupted.

Installing a water softener can help you make your home's water slightly more acidic, which helps to strengthen the acidic mantle that covers your hair and skin. Water that is too alkaline will cause your hair's cuticle to swell, allowing for more breakage and creating the frizzy look you are trying to avoid.

If you have blonde hair, don't hesitate to look at the installation of a water softener as an essential component in providing proper care for your blonde locks. Contact a business, such as Johnson Water Conditioning for more information.