Artificial Turf Grass: Many More Uses Than Just for Your Lawn

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Artificial turf grass is great to turn a brown, yellow, or just plain drab-looking lawn into a beautiful, green lawn. Artificial turf has some great benefits, such as that it never needs to be watered, that it never has to be mowed, and that it is very easy to clean up any messes that may be on it. There are also many other uses of artificial turf that you can use around your home, three of which are listed below.

Dog Run

If you have one or more dogs, you should know that artificial turf grass works great as a dog run. Because you have dogs, you know how destructive they can be to a lawn. For example, you likely have no grass at all where the dogs run constantly. Instead of grass, put artificial turf in the areas where the dogs most often play and run. The turf will stand up perfectly to the wear and tear of their claws and paws.

When it rains, you will not have to worry about puddles and mud because artificial turf grass has drainage, so rain immediately goes through it and into the soil beneath. This is also beneficial when your dogs urinate on the turf.

Border Around Pavers

Pavers can be used in many ways in your yard, such as for a walkway or on a patio. If you would like to install some pavers, you can put an artificial grass border around them. You may want to hire someone to do this for you. They will first lay the concrete and add the pavers, and then let everything dry completely. The turf will then be cut to the right size and glued down between and around the edges of the pavers. The pavers will always look neat, as you will never have to worry about grass growing too high between them that you would have to remove the pavers.

Putting Green

If you have a golfer that lives in your home, install some artificial turf to use as a putting green for them. This will give them a place to practice to perfect their swing. You will have to install some type of wall behind the putting green for them to hit their balls against. You should hire a professional to install this for you because there are many things involved. For example, the best location in your yard has to be determined, the ground has to be properly prepared, the cups have to be placed, and so forth. You also have to have the right amount of slope.

Contact a company that sells artificial turf to get more information about it. This can help you decide whether artificial turf would be right for your yard.