When Bats And Birds Strike: Garage Window Replacements That Are Permanent

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Old garages that have windows on odd sides or windows that can be opened and closed in the rafters tend to invite wildlife in. If you find that there is a lot of minute animal dung on everything stored in your garage, it is highly probable that you have bats and birds roosting in the rafters of your garage. If you walk the perimeter of your garage and notice missing panes of glass or open windows that are out of reach without a ladder, the possibility becomes a certainty. Here is how birds and bats get in, and the solutions you can use for window replacement in your garage.

Loose Panes and Flying Creatures

Really old windows, especially those dating back several decades, had glass panes that were often secured by glue or turn screws. When the glue loosens or the screws slip out after a couple of decades, then these panes of glass are just perched there until vibrations or animals shake them loose. Flying animals, like birds and bats, will smack right into them, toppling the already loose glass onto the ground and then proceed onward with flying into your garage. While pest control specialists can remove the bats and birds from your garage, you will still need to address the open areas and missing glass panes in these windows.

Replace the Window Panes

This is one option you could try. You would have to replace ALL of the panes of glass in the windows just to make sure nothing else comes loose, and you have to do this all over again. A glass expert can cut the panes to the correct size and then find a more permanent way to install the panes.

Replace the Old Windows with Modern/ New Ones

If the windows are really old, you may just want to replace the garage windows completely. New and modern windows are strong and durable and will resist flying creatures with enough force that the critters will bounce off and be done with your garage. If you have one window in your garage replaced, you should have them all replaced, just to make sure the animals cannot get in this way ever again.

Board up the Windows Completely 

You can also board up the windows completely. This can be done either by removing the windows entirely and then replacing the open spaces with boards and siding materials, or you can just nail boards up over the windows. Then the birds and bats will only fly into the boards and not windows or panes of glass.